Life Insurance

Your Life Insurance Company

The importance of a good life insurance policy cannot be overstated.  It holds the key to peace of mind that your family will be well taken care of financially in the event you should experience an untimely death. If you’re the main earner in your family, having a life insurance policy is even more important, yet some people are confused by the different options because they’ve never been properly explained. Your Gibbel Insurance agent can help you navigate the different types of life insurance policies available to you to meet you and your family’s unique needs and budget. As an independent insurance agency, we represent dozens of companies which allows us to find the best policies and rates in Lancaster County and throughout PA.

Not sure what type of life insurance you need?   Your Gibbel agent will be happy to help you assess and choose which policy and coverage would best fit your needs.

We offer the following life insurance coverage options:

  • Group Life Insurance Coverage
  • Term Life Insurance Coverage
  • Whole Life Insurance Coverage

Term life insurance provides a fixed amount of coverage for a fixed amount of time. Term life is usually the least expensive and a good starting point for younger families. Whole and Universal life provide permanent life insurance that can build cash value.

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